Our Identity

Engravers’ Hive is an amalgamation of two strongly wired individuals who are passionate and steadfast about innovative creations. Their brainchild confidently emphasizes and adheres to unprecedented design and engraving solutions steered by their creative and distinctive approach. The search towards their passion gave birth to Engravers’ hive – The place to get your thoughts engraved.


Shankar, who dreams positive, holds a mass of experience, by way of working with some of the best industries.  Having honed his engineering skills in a typical CNC machine shop and automotive engineering, he metamorphosed into a designer. He basks at everything, that is fascinating and analyses to find whether he could find design and engineering in it and he has his unique way of shaping thoughts. Avidity towards entrepreneurship is his first and foremost drive towards conceiving Engravers’ Hive. He manages the design at Engravers’ hive.


Well, the very next step of design is none other than its making.  Aravind, the go-getter has been managing quite a successful business in the manufacturing industry with number of clients for decades. The clients admire him for his trustworthiness. He possesses in-depth mastery and is no stranger to engraving.  He was cropped up from an engineering background and is extremely skilled in the field of engraving combined with a strong knowledge in tool and die making. He has practical skills in precision milling which enables him to achieve the required outcome in the engraving and allied products. He is the man with vision and has quite a good leadership quality.  He is exceptional in handling conflicts. Getting things done has always been his mantra. His cognizance from the outset is a strong pillar and one of the main reasons for the birth of Engravers’ Hive. He owns the Administration and Manufacturing part at Engravers’ Hive.


This interesting cocktail of two individuals has resulted in not just an offbeat entrepreneurship venture, but one with an optimistic outcome too.