Graduations can be done on metal by means of engraving where specific depth is required along with durability and accuracy.

Graduations can be done on metal surfaces by means of engraving where specific depth is required along with accuracy and durability. Engraved markings are usually preferable where final surface coatings such as paints and inks need to be filled in the depth for a good visibility. Engraved markings are usually long lasting and are applied in areas where permanent or inerasable markings are required. The engraved lines with the numbers representing the dimensions in required units, in a desired consistency are the usual form of marking on a scale or a graduated collar. Sometimes high-precision graduations are directly engraved in plastic molding dies, by which the required markings will be directly impregnated on the surface of the plastic.

Graduation marking application is widely used in many applications like:

  • Graduation markings on steel rules that are used in educational institutions, measuring instruments and machineries.
  • Graduation collar markings are generally done for rotary tables, Indexing fixtures and Indexing measuring instruments
  • The application of scale and graduation marking is essential in almost all the area where instant measurement reading in length, breadth, width, degree or minutes is required and depends on the accuracy and actual requirement in the specified area.

We do Engraving in:

  • Flat engraved metal scales,
  • Oil tank measurement scales,
  • Machine collars,
  • Rotary tables,
  • Indexing fixture ring etc.