Punch box kit

Made from high quality tool steel

Letters and numbers formed by means of cold forming process which gives longer punch life

Hardened and tempered to offer reliable marking and higher service life

Character width, depth and bevel angle designed to minimize edge wear and reduce stress concentration on the marking surface

Surface protection option of bright or dull finish to prevent rust and longer shelf life

Punch sets are available with or without holder

Punch marking can be done on castings, forgings, steels, aluminium, brass, plastic and hard paper.
Following are the applications:

  • Part numbering
  • Batch and date coding
  • Inspection marking

  1. Number sets - Std sizes (As per IS 6864 - 1984)
  2. Alpha numeric sets - Std sizes (As per IS 6864 - 1984)
  3. Combination character sets also available (as per customer requirement)

All above punch sets can be offered with holders, forceps and hammer if required. Non standard (unique) punch sets can also be offered against customer specific requirements.