Steel hard stamps are used for impact marking and are one of the simplest forms of marking.

Punching Letters, Numbers or logo in steels or of desired material is an indentation marking system followed for years. Letter, number and logo stamps are used to create an impression into a work piece that is required to be inerasable. The impressions in the punches are commonly made in the reverse orientation so that the end result of punched impression is readable.

  • Steel hard stamps are used for impact marking and are one of the simplest forms of marking. Clear, deep and permanent marks can be made into metal, plastic, wood and other materials either using a hand held hammer or a wide range of machinery such as a percussion press, fly press or even mechanical and hydraulic power press based on the product.
  • Quality check mark on parts by hammering method.
  • Punching impressions on identification plates.
  • The punches can be set in a fixture, designed to punch a batch of numbers or letters. This serial of punches can be changed as and when required by simply unlocking and inserting the particular punch in the fixture that requires change.

Standard Sets
Made from hardened and tempered tool steel, these stamps are supplied in standard sets of 26 pieces (A-Z) and 10 pieces (0-9). The requirement of Special character has to detailed on enquiry.
In the range of 1mm to 20mm character height.
Reverse Hardstamps/ Die Stamps
These are generally used for marking moulds and produce a negative impression on the mould which gives a positive (readable) impression on the final moulded part.
Low Stress/Dot Stress Hardstamps
These stamps are used when minimum stress conditions are important, for example in the oil and aircraft industries. Available in round faced mini-stress style of characters and dot-stress form. Shall be produced according to the customer specific size and font which has to be specified at the time of enquiry.
Box type Stamps
These punches are used in bigger areas where the character has to be arranged in some customized order to refer part no or alignment order such as in Tower construction for assembly identification or in any other wider area.

Special Handstamps

Made to customer own specification and may be name stamps, trademarks, logos, inspectors stamps, etc. We will be pleased to provide advice and a quote upon receiving an enquiry.

Wood Handstamps
Used for marking on furniture, turned wood components, musical instruments, violin bridges, etc., these stamps are cut at a steeper angle than those used for marking metals so that they cut into the wood and produce a clear mark rather than crushing it with illegible image.

Steel Typesets
Steel typesets are also a type of punching method used to indent a mark into metal, plastic or other material. Individual pieces are held in either a hand holder or machine holder. The individual pieces can be changed with ease. As the whole mark is made in one blow, it is neater and faster than using individual hand stamps. Standard sets of 0-9, A-Z and sets are available from 1mm-20mm. Logo types and special type pieces can be quoted upon receipt of specifications.

All the category of punches shall be undertaken to the customer specific requirement with respect to the selection of material, hardness and surface finish etc.