The sealers are cast carbon steel and plated for protection. Dies are made of cast carbon steel or high-grade tool steel.

The sealers are generally made of cast carbon steel and are plated for protection. Dies are made of cast carbon steel or high-grade tool steel. An indicative seal requires a tool and wire string for correct closure of the tamper proof area. Inserting dies into the sealing plier and crimp closing will emboss your logo, number, etc in the lead part.

Sealing pliers are used in combination with sealing wire and lead seals / plastic seals /aluminum seals. Each sealing plier has two exchangeable blanks, which can be engraved exactly to your requirements. Logos, letters or numbers can be engraved directly in the blank, each lead seal is now more protected against misusage and an unauthorized access can be avoided. To optimize security in specific areas the sealing tool dies are used giving reference to the application user.

Sealers are mainly used for securing areas or systems from human tampering. Sealing pliers are used in the following applications:

  • Close and emboss the seal on energy meters by Electricity boards for tamper proofing.
  • Tamper proofing of some automobile parts, like odometer cables.
  • Sealing the doors of First-aid-kits.

Non-standard engraved dies can be supplied to the needs of customer specific requirement in the form of embossed or debossed characters or numbers onto the seal when it is crimped. Sealing dies are replaceable interchangeable.


We can supply additional custom steel dies engraved with your design, Logo, characters or numbers. We shall also extend the same support in sealers supplied by customers.